Q1: If I am a vendor who would like to be considered for future business with Kuwait Energy, how/where can I register my details?

You can register your details by submitting a completed Vendor Questionnaire.

Q2: Where are my details stored when I submit them?

They are stored in our secure vendors’ database.

Q3: What is the next step after submitting the Vendor Questionnaire?

After submitting the completed Vendor Questionnaire, if a need for materials/services arises, and it is related to the materials/services provided by your company, you may be contacted in due course.

To increase your company’s visibility to our projects, please ensure to provide accurate, recent and complete information during your registration. It is your responsibility to keep this information current.

Q4: How do I know about opportunities that are coming up in my sector?

Should there be any opportunities in vendor’s related sector, Kuwait Energy may be contacting you. Alternatively, Kuwait Energy may announce an upcoming opportunity in the “Upcoming Tenders” section.

Q5: I have registered with you, but some changes happened in the details that I have provided, how do I inform you?

You can edit/update your registration submission at any time by logging on to your profile using your login and password. If any assistance is required in this regard, please contact us on and detail to us how we can help.

Q6: In which countries does Kuwait Energy require services/materials?

Kuwait Energy would generally require services/materials where its offices and operations are. These countries include Egypt, Iraq, and Kuwait. The specific needs for each country is different and depending on the project

Q7 : To which address will email notifications be sent to?

Email notifications will be sent from Kuwait Energy to the Email Address specified in the registration you filled. You may change your email address anytime and you will still receive the notifications.

Q8 : What if I cannot complete the registration in one go?

There is no issue in that, as you are able to save at any point by clicking “Save the Changes” button at the bottom of each section page. You may also logout and continue filling the questionnaire later by clicking the “Logout” button.

Q9: Who can I contact if I face issues with the registration or if i have further question?

Please contact the commercial department team on, and provide details.