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Board Committees

The Board has three committees (Audit and Risk, Remuneration and Nomination) to, amongst other things, facilitate transparency in the management of the Company’s business and encourage participation by the Board members.

Committee Chairman Members Charters
Nomination Committee (established on 22 - February - 2012) Mr. Mohamed Yousef Rafie Dr. Manssour Aboukhamseen, Sir Steve Robson, Abby Badwi Charter Of Nomination Committee
Remuneration Committee (established on 22 - February - 2012) Ms. Rachel English Mohamed Yousef Rafie, Dr. Yousef Al Awadi, Abby Badwi Charter Of Remuneration Committee
Audit and Risk Committee (established on 22 - February - 2012) Dr. Yousef Al-Awadi Rachel English, Mohammad Ahmad Husain, Sir Steve Robson Charter Of Audit and Risk Committee